The Greatest Showman tells a Christian story?


I’m in love with the movie, The Greatest Showman. Anyone who knows me knows this! I sing at least one song a day, randomly, belting out the lyrics while I do my mundane tasks and chores. I’ll even listen to the whole album over…and over…again.

One day, I was reading my bible and listening to Christian songs. When the songs ended, Spotify recommended another song and it was “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman album. And peace was washed over me when that song randomly came on. I felt God speak into my spirit saying, “That’s my favorite song from the movie. It represents our relationship with each other.” And I was like “hold up. God enjoys The Greatest Showman (TGS) as well?” And since then, God has shown me how each song from TGS represents the stages of our relationship with God and I wanted to share that with all of you.

I find it very exciting. In this post, I will give a brief summary of what each song means if it was a Christian song. (I know the meaning of the songs are different from the movie and sometimes the lyrics won’t match up to-a-tee but have an open mind). In later posts, I will give each song it’s spotlight per post to share with you guys, going into depth the meaning of the songs lyric by lyric. So exciting and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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The songs tell a story of our Christian walk with the Lord so here is my version of the songs in chronological order:

  • A Million Dreams: The story starts off with God getting your attention. This song represents God saying: “Bring me along with you on your journey”. When the male is singing, that’s us expressing our dreams to the Lord. And when the female sings, that’s God saying to always share our hopes and dreams with Him. This song is also a reflection of how marriage should be; since our relationship with God is similar to how marriage should be like. Click here for this post.

  • Come Alive: This song is about rebirth. About dedicating your life to Christ. It’s about using your passions to speak to the world. You realize without Christ, you are nothing and can do nothing. So what are you living for without Christ? Or another way to phrase it: What are you living for without Love? So come to Christ and build that intimate relationship with Him so that he can help you walk through this dark world we temporarily call our home. Click here for this post.


  • The Other Side: This song is about taking chances in life. When Hugh Jackman is singing, that is God saying, “Why stay in your comfort zone? Take a risk with me. If you want to live to your full potential that I have created you for, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Trust me. You won’t regret it.”


  • Never Enough: This world will never be enough for us. We need more Jesus. Okay, you realize things still aren’t perfect as a Christian. You’ve tried living a worldly life full of money, status, etc. Now you’re trying to follow God but life is still rough. Well, this song is you expressing to God that this world is not enough for you and you need only Him to help you get through life.


  • Rewrite the Stars: This is God saying we are the apple of His eye but we feel like we don’t deserve his love and were not accepting the freedom he has given us. To love ourselves and others, we must first accept the love that God has for us.


  • This Is Me:   Love yourself. To live to your full potential. You realize you will have to accept and love yourself right where you are and who you are. This song won the best original song at the 2018 Golden Globes. It is so relatable to anyone who has felt insecure or experience bullying in some way or form. To anyone who has faced adversity in life.


  • Tightrope: God is holding me while I go through this tough world. I’m now trusting Him on this rocky journey. Trusting only Him–not others, not my dreams, not my knowledge, not my money. My focus is on Him. Sometimes the journey is like walking on a tightrope, you never know which way you will fall or if you will even fall at all, but you know God is holding you and you will always be safe in His arms. I think these lyrics speak for themselves. They are so beautiful. The singer is speaking to Jesus.


  • From Now On:  Redemption: coming back to Jesus and finally understanding what being a faithful believer of Jesus Christ means. It’s not about the “sacrifices” you have made, the good deeds you have done; it’s about having faith in Jesus and trusting He will take care of you no matter what happens here on earth. Click here for this post.



What are your thoughts on this representation of the music from The Greatest Showman? Comment below! 


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