It’s Time to Come Alive! (Part 2/9)

In the previous post, I discussed A Million Dreams, and how God wants us to share our million dreams with Him.

In this post, I’ll discuss Come Alive and how it represents being ‘born again’ in the Spirit.

This song is great after A Million Dreams. Let’s pretend we’re following a character. The character found out God wants to listen to our dreams and thoughts and the character has accepted this form of relationship with God, so now God is telling the character to ‘come alive’ through Him and stop living a meaningless life.

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You stumble through your days / Got your head hung low / Your skies’ a shade of grey / Like a zombie in a maze / You’re asleep inside

  • Explanation: We live our lives day-by-day through a routine, not really living; merely trying to survive. That’s not why God created you. I will say that again: That is not why God created you. ALL of us have a purpose here on earth.

But you can shake away / ‘Cause you’re just a dead man walking / Thinking that’s your only option / But you can flip the switch and brighten up your darkest day

  • Explanation: God is saying you don’t have to be stuck in your sins or live a dull life. Shake off that day-to-day-routine feeling and realize you were created for more.

Sun is up and the color’s blinding / Take the world and redefine it / Leave behind your narrow mind / You’ll never be the same

  • Explanation: This is your life. Choose to live it how you want and choose to think positively. Choose to see your life differently!

Come alive, come alive / Go and ride your light / Let it burn so bright / Reaching up / To the sky / And it’s open wide / You’re electrified

  • Explanation: You have a bright light inside of you. Believe it and tap into it. God wants you to use that light He has placed inside of you in order to encourage others.

When the world becomes a fantasy / And you’re more than you could ever be / ‘Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open

  • Make the world your playground. You have endless possibilities. Dream big and seek the passions you desire. If you don’t know what your passions are, then focus on being the best sibling/aunt/parent/friend/coworker you can be. Focus on showing love and kindness to the people around you, giving them hope and making them feel good about themselves; even when it is hard to. Remember, wherever you are in life, that’s where you’re meant to be. Now make your life your playground!

And you know you can’t go back again / To the world that you were living in / ‘Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open / So, come alive!

  • Explanation: Once you decide to follow Jesus and see life differently, you’re not going to want to live that old life again. It’ll be hard sometimes but you will want to change.

I see it in your eyes / You believe that lie / That you need to hide your face / Afraid to step outside / So you lock the door / But don’t you stay that way

  • Explanation: Don’t hide behind fear.

No more living in those shadows / You and me we know how that goes / ‘Cause once you see it, oh you’ll never, never be the same / We’ll be the light that’s shining / We will be the light that’s turning / Bottle up but keep on shining / You can prove there’s more to you / You cannot be afraid

  • Explanation: God is living with you so don’t be afraid to share your talent. Don’t allow the life’s problems get you down. CHOOSE to see things differently.



In the next post, we’ll discuss The Other Side–accepting God’s love for you when it gets hard.

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