What Are You Feeding Your Heart?

I was eating spicy fried rice and afterwards, I got really bad heartburn that wouldn’t go away.

Being dramatic, I placed my hand on my chest to feel my heart racing and that had me thinking:

What am I feeding my heart? Whatever I eat, those nutrients are being absorbed into my bloodstream and that blood is passing through my heart.

So what am I feeding my heart?

I have acid reflux so I’m not supposed to have fried food and spicy food but do I listen? Most of the time, no.

It made me realize I really need to start watching what I eat and actually take care of myself, otherwise, I’m going to continue to feel bad.

My sister lectures me about it all the time and when I start complaining about how sick I am from eating something I’m not supposed to have, she shrugs her shoulders.

That had me thinking again:

What am I feeding my heart in the spiritual sense?

I bet sometimes God just shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head at us by how foolish we are being over and over again, like: “When will these people learn?”

When will we learn?

We have to protect what we are feeding our hearts, y’all. Physically and spiritually.

Are you constantly filling yourself with Netflix shows and movies, unrealistic romances, unrealistic bodies you see on Instagram? Or are you feeding your heart the Gospel? The words that are alive and true in the Bible?

We do become what we eat. Are you feeding your heart what the world has to offer or what the Lord says is good for you?



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4 thoughts on “What Are You Feeding Your Heart?

  1. This is a great post which I totally agree with. What I feed my heart with is vitally important. Because depending on what I feed it, that’s what will come out.



  2. “Are you feeding your heart what the world has to offer or what the lord said is good for you?” What a great question Alexis! When u stated “Are you constantly filling yourself with unrealistic bodies on instagram.” I automatically said yes. I have had a constant battle with loving myself the way that I am. I am naturally skinny. In today’s society if your not shaped like Kim Kardashian your not complemented. Lately I have been watching YouTube videos on how to gain weight. I even thought about taking pills to gain weight to look a certain way. I spend time drinking protein shakes and exercising at home to get to a desired shape “slim think” lol. I do all of this to get approval from others so I’m not looked at as the skinny girl. I am not feeding my heart with gospel or scriptures everyday but I make time to exercise daily.


    1. Yes, I struggle with a similar issue with body image. I feel I’m too skinny sometimes as well. I’m glad you’re aware of the problem though. Some people live in denial. We have to feed ourselves what the Lord says is true about us. One idea is to write down affirmations and say them everyday until you believe it. I’ve done this and it helps a lot!


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