Are Coincidences Really Just Coincidences?


These book-to-movie adaptations are coming out faster than I can read the books! I’m usually on top of these sort of things (I am a booklover you know?). I saw the movie, The Sun Is Also A Star and it was pretty good. I tried to read the book before the movie but that was a fail once again. Adulting is hard people. I use to have time to read all the time as a teen but not anymore.


But, anyways. The concept from the movie of how love works when it’s meant to be was a good interpretation. I can’t wait to read the book for myself.

Unsurprisingly, as always from films I watch, I found a lesson I could apply to my life and I want to share it with you.

Coincidences are not just coincidences.

The main character in the movie, Natasha Kingsley (played by Yara Shahidi), thought she had everything figured out and if she could solve her problems with facts everything would be okay.


Newsflash, you don’t and you can’t control everything.

There will be times in your life when you won’t understand why Plan A all the way to Plan Z didn’t work for you. There will be times when you won’t understand why certain things are happening in your life.

But do you want to know a secret?

God works in the mystery.

God works in the coincidences. Things that seem like are working against us are really working for us.

When you feel like you made a mistake? You didn’t. God knew you would make that mistake and it has already been programmed into the plan He has for your life.

So, no worries.

Why worry when God is the one who is guiding us—guiding us even when we feel lost?

So the lesson of the day:

You don’t have to control everything. You don’t have to figure everything out or fix your problems. That’s not your job. Your job is to give your best with what is in front of you in this season. Your job is to trust God with the rest. Even though it seems like your world is falling apart, it’s not. It’s only shifting and all you have to do is adjust, let go of your worries, and allow God to finish His work in you.

Unexpected events and coincidences are meant to bless you. Embrace them.


Do you enjoy romance films? Which movie/television show/couple is your favorite love story? Comment below!




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