It’s Time to Come Alive! (Part 2/9)

In this post, I’ll discuss Come Alive and how it represents being ‘born again’ in the Spirit.

This song is great after A Million Dreams. Let’s pretend we’re following a character. The character found out God wants to listen to our dreams and thoughts and the character has accepted this form of relationship with God, so now God is telling the character to ‘come alive’ through Him and stop living a meaningless life.

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What are your Million Dreams? (Part 1/9)

The Greatest Showman touched upon themes such as discrimination, identity, and etc.. And yes the story was inspired by P.T. Barnum and how he created the circus, but I found myself discovering a different story played out through the songs. You can read my first post about that here.

This post will discuss some of the lyrics from the song, A Million Dreams. In A Million Dreams,God is saying, “Bring me along with you on your journey and tell me about these dreams and desires that you have.”

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The Greatest Showman tells a Christian story?

I’m in love with the movie, The Greatest Showman. Anyone who knows me knows this! I sing at least one song a day, randomly, belting out the lyrics while I do my mundane tasks and chores. I’ll even listen to the whole album over…and over…again.

In this post, I will give a brief summary of what each song means if it was a Christian song.

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