Why We Should Cling To God When We Are Tired of it All

Are you ever just tired of it all? You see so many great things happening for others—people that seem like they don’t even deserve it. You see so much going on in the world and it makes you wonder if there is even a God in the world. You may wonder: How can you trust someone you don’t even see? You’ve tried to do right yet bad things keep happening over and over again? I think we’ve all been at a low point in life where you wonder WHY is this happening and WHEN will it end?

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5 Signs You’re Failing Your Inner Self

Do you repeat the same mistakes? Try to do better. Think better. But then still fail and it’s the same cycle all over again? I know I’ve been there.

I want to be a better person for the Lord, but then I fail and trip over the same mistakes over..and over…again.

How are you succeeding at being who you are? Are you bathing in God’s grace and mercy and who He created you to be? Or are you bathing in guilt, shame, and worry?

Here are five signs you are failing your inner self by not being who you are:

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