This World Is Never Enough! (Part 4/9)

In my previous posts, I’m discussing the songs from The Greatest Showman and how each song portrays our relationship with the Lord. Here’s a review:

In the post, A Million Dreams, I give an example of a story about a character named James realizing that God (the Man above) wants to hear all about James’ concerns and dreams. (1 John 5:15)

Next, in the post, Come Alive, James is ‘born again’ by the Spirit. He realizes he’s been living his life as a “zombie” and now he’s finally ready to wake up and live a meaningful life; CHOOSING to be happy in whatever circumstance he finds himself in. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

In The Other Side, James realizes being ‘saved’ doesn’t mean his circumstances and behavior will be perfect. So he gives up. He pretty much wants to stay in his old ways now. But God is telling James to step out of his comfort zone and to turn away from his old ways and habits. At the end of the song, James finally gives in and begins to trust God,  agreeing to follow Him.

Now, we’re at the song, Never Enough. James has turned away from his old life and has stepped out of his comfort zone for the Lord, but it’s been hard.

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In Never Enough, James realizes this world will never be enough for him. He realizes he needs to fill himself up with more promises and truth from the Lord. He tried living a worldly life full of money, status, etc. and now he’s trying to follow God but life is still rough. Well, this song is James expressing (worshipping) to God that this world is not enough for him and he only needs God to help him get through life.


I’m trying to hold my breath / Let it stay this way / Can’t let this moment end / You set off a dream with me / Getting louder now / Can you hear it echoing?

  • Explanation: James has all these dreams in his heart but how will they manifest?  He has these feelings of wanting a change/a new life beating inside of him, but doesn’t know how to manifest it himself; he doesn’t know how to make that change.

Take my hand / Will you share this with me? / ‘Cause darling without you / All the shine of a thousand spotlights / All the stars we steal from the nightsky / Will never be enough / Never be enough

  • Explanation: James is calling out to God asking, “Lord, will you share my burdens with me? Will you share my dreams with me?” Without God, James can’t enjoy the blessings the Lord gives him. He can’t experience true peace and joy in all circumstances without Him.

Towers of gold are still too little / These hands could hold the world but it’ll / Never be enough / Never be enough / For me

  • Explanation: This world will never be enough for James. He realizes this. Money and fame are not enough to live a peaceful life.
  • I also love the symbolism of the character from The Greatest Showman, Jenny Lind, being on stage and how she is all alone in a room full of people but feels alone. Sometimes that’s how we feel when we go through life. We may have all the riches or all the friends but for some reason, it’s not keeping us joyful and content. This is the feeling that is expressed through this song.


Like I said before, we could have all the friends, fame, and degrees behind our name, but these materialistic possessions will not provide us with an everlasting peaceful and joyful life.

The next song I will cover is Rewrite the Stars. James is struggling to accept the love God pours out to him.


I would love to hear your thoughts about this! Comment below!



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