Why We Should Cling To God When We Are Tired of it All

Are you ever just tired of it all? You see so many great things happening for others—people that seem like they don’t even deserve it. You see so much going on in the world and it makes you wonder if there is even a God in the world. You may wonder: How can you trust someone you don’t even see? You’ve tried to do right yet bad things keep happening over and over again? I think we’ve all been at a low point in life where you wonder WHY is this happening and WHEN will it end?

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During this era of social media and the increase of screen time during this pandemic, it’s easy to find ourselves comparing our lives to others. This is dangerous because we can start determining our value–our worth–based on our comparison to others.

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Top 9 Scriptures to Help You Overcome Temptation

Do you ever feel stuck in sin? Do you crave for temptation to go away? Living in this imperfect world, we will be tempted to do a multitude of things. While temptation itself is not a sin, acting upon it is. When I think of temptation, I think of the time Jesus went into the […]

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Feeling Like You Have No Purpose?

Are you thriving? Or is this a season of dry spells? Working night shifts and being on a nocturnal schedule can really be taxing on my body.

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Three Ways to Show Love to a Broken World

As we all know and as we all have experienced at some point, the world can be a cruel place to live in sometimes.

We were created to be that small spark of light that helps lead someone to Jesus. So what are some actions you can take to love others? Here are three applicable steps you can implement in your daily life:

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Let’s Face It, The World Will Disappoint You

The world will reject you. How do I know this? The world rejected Jesus. But you can be delivered from this feeling. How? Because Jesus died for your rejection. Jesus died for you. Jesus accepts me. God accepts me. Despite what you experience in this world, you are loved by our Savior and he understands what you are going through.

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The Sixth Sense You Forgot You Had

I saw Spiderman: Far From Home recently and let me tell you? AMAZING! It was so good. In the movie, Peter Parker has his “peter tingle” (at least that’s what Aunt May calls it) that helps him know when danger is nearby. It’s really just his spidey senses.

When Peter started trusting his “peter tingle”, he was able to conquer the obstacles in front of him. And that had me thinking: Peter’s spidey senses are really just his sixth sense. If Peter can use his sixth sense, what about us?

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4 Steps on How to Thrive Through the Pain and Hardships

Life can be hard sometimes. For most people, when difficulty comes their way, they tend to stray from God. They can’t seem to feel His presence and they feel hopeless like their hard times will never end.

Here’s the thing though, just because you’re going through rough times, doesn’t mean you can’t thrive. You were created to thrive under ALL circumstances.

What is thriving, you ask?

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